sales of products


Manage a large number of products, shipments and updates in mass. Make changes to the product attributes in one click, or edit them individually. Our on-line sales solution allows you to take a manufacturer’s products list and download the complete file directly into the basket. Easily upload Excel files and watch your store become alive.


Our on-line sales solution enables you to easily and efficiently manage the attributes available in a comprehensive products catalog. By organizing the products into categories, customers navigate and find what they are looking for in no time, no matter if a product is sold in various colors, sizes, prints, materials… Set the attributes for a large number of products or for each product individually, and they will be immediately visible to customers. You can also require customers to select the attributes before making payment.


Payment by credit card, check, bank transfer, and more… Each country has its own payment uses, which is why our on-line sales solution is open to a lot of methods, including payments on smartphones.

Our on-line sales solution also allows you to minimize your transaction costs by choosing the payment modules you want for each currency. Customers will appreciate to encounter means of payment they already know and trust in their respective countries.


Are you interested in an iPhone and Android store app?

Our solution will allow you to reach your users wherever they may be, thus increasing your store’s e-commerce CA, even if they are on the road.


Our on-line sales solution includes all the necessary features to improve search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. From keywords tags to custom URL, optimize your shop using the back office settings and you will notice an increase in the rankings without creating external links.

Everything is designed for SEO: duplicating contents block your progress in search engines and Google may even penalize your website. Our on-line sales solution reduces the chances of content duplicating by creating a dedicated URL for each product page. If you have 100 products, you will get 100 different URLs.


The display of related products is a wonderful tool that encourages clients to make additional purchases whilst browsing the page of a product or finalizing their purchase. This feature allows you to select the products that are related to each other and to present them to customers. For example, it could be a different model or accessories to match with a dress. The “Related Products” feature will display the alternatives in the product description.